WestJet Passenger Stephen Bennett Kicked Off Flight For Falling Asleep

A WestJet passenger from Burnaby, B.C. is now planning legal action after he was forced off a flight to Cuba earlier this month for falling asleep while the plane was still on the ground.

Stephen Bennett took a sleeping pill once he got on the aircraft Oct. 13, due to doctors’ recommendations. They suggested that he take narcotics when he flies to help with nerve damage and pain in his legs after a stroke two months ago, according to CBC News.

Bennett said his wife woke him up at the request of airline staff, who said he needed to be alert before takeoff in case there was some sort of accident.

Doctor confirmed health

Another passenger, who witnessed the exchange, told the broadcaster that Bennett was awake within five minutes. A nurse on the flight also assured the crew that Bennett was fine, but he was still told paramedics needed to conduct an examination off the plane.

“There was no manners, no politeness … The paramedics came and said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s perfectly alert I can see it in his eyes, he’s good,” Bennett told Global News. He also reportedly showed the crew an email from his doctors, confirming that he was fit to fly.

WestJet didn’t comment directly on the situation, but said on Twitter that they were just following Transport Canada regulations by not carrying “a person whose actions or statements at the time of check-in or boarding indicate they may present a risk to the safety of the aircraft, the crew or themselves.”

They went on to explain that this includes people impaired by alcohol or drugs.

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