Report: Huawei says that it follows US sanctions and won't be crippled with an export ban

Chinese network equipment and smartphone manufacturer ZTE has been unable to procure parts from the U.S. since earlier this year thanks to an export ban placed on the company. Considering that one-third of the hardware, software and components needed for the company to build a phone comes from the U.S., nothing less than ZTE’s corporate survival is at stake as the company is the subject of a tug of war between Congress and the White House.
The executive said that because of its goal to use the best technologies, Huawei “will therefore keep buying American chips this year.” It has reportedly started working on its own OS just in case it loses access to the Google licensed version of Android. And while it has its own line of Kirin chipsets that it uses to power its phones, Huawei employs American designed chips for RAM, the LTE modem, and for the battery charger controller.
The U.S. government is worried about Huawei and ZTE’s ties to the Chinese government, and are concerned that both companies are stealing information from American consumers and corporations. Huawei has denied this, calling it “groundless speculation.”

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