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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia’s financial watchdog is issuing a warning to the city about overtime. It’s one of the trouble spots in what is generally an upbeat report from the Philadelphia Intergovernmental Co-operation Authority.

PICA says the city spent nearly $48 million in overtime in the first quarter of this fiscal year. PICA’s executive director Harvey Rice says that’s similar to what it spent at the same time last year, but the board had been hoping to see a decrease.

“It is a warning to the city to put measures into place that can bring those costs down,” he said.

Harvey says the financial outlook, though, is generally positive, with consistent revenue growth and the fund balance of $248 million exceeding the city’s projections. 

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He also points to some performance improvements in the child welfare system.

“Reducing the dependent placement population by almost 200 in the first quarter,” Harvey said.

That means 200 more children in permanent homes.

PICA faulted the Department of Licenses and Inspections for spending much of its demolition budget for the quarter on one building, but the department spokesman says it was the old Breyers ice cream plant, four stories of crumbling concrete that was difficult to take down.

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