'Jump Force' Announced By Microsoft, Bandai Namco

If you are ready to jump on the anime gaming train, then it looks like Microsoft has your back. Today, the company confirmed its latest anime-centric title with Bandai Namco, and the world cannot stop talking about Jump Force. So, if you want to see Freeza fight Naruto, then your time has come.

As you can see above, the world premiere trailer for Jump Force just went live. Microsoft shared the first-look reel with fans at its on-going press event ushering in E3 this coming week, and fans are freaking out over its sweet graphics.

And, yes – Monkey D. Luffy did just use Gear Fourth on Super Saiyan Goku there.

So far, there is no word on when this title will be coming out, but fans were not expecting to see such a title go live from Microsoft at this press event. According to the trailer, the game will follow an event where several major anime worlds will come together. Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto are highlighted in particular as those series’ pit their heroes against one another. Freeza finds himself facing Naruto Uzumaki at one point, and Luffy decides it is a good idea to take on Goku for size.

Oh, and Light Yagami shows up at the end with Ryuk. You can guess how much a Death Note would mess up a battle in this arena.

Of course, anime fans are already pointing out the similarities between Jump Force and J-Stars Victory VS. The latter title is a well-known one as it brings together a bevy of famous shonen heroes for a Street Fighter-styled showdown. Titles like Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Assassination Classroom, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be found in the series. However, Jump Force has fans think it will be more of an open-world fighter than more traditional arcade franchises.

Unfortunately, there is no word on whether Jump Force will be an exclusive title for Microsoft and the XBOX One. Stay plugged into ComicBook for more details as this title drops new information in the coming months.

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