Flying on the moon an unidentified object videotaped

Пролетевший на фоне Луны неопознанный объект сняли на видео

Images captured by a budding astronomer.

24 Sep Amateur astronomer from the UK and look through a telescope, equipped with a camera. Suddenly the man saw an object on the background of the lunar disc, which resembled a spaceship. Weird video commented on the world-famous ufologists, in particular Scott Waring, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

According to the researchers, the camera 100% hit the alien ship. The moon is “dead” and lifeless only at first glance. In fact, inside a natural satellite of the Earth hiding little green men, who in many ways superior to humans in terms of technological development.

Aliens sometimes fly away from the moon, this moment and managed to catch the astronomer. The man himself may not know how to explain it filmed. Yet he can’t formulate a reasonable version. As noted by the author of the video, he wanted to follow the spaceship, but the machine disappeared in the darkness as soon as he crosses the lunar disk.

It is unlikely that the Briton will again be able to see the aliens, yet the aliens appear to mind very rarely.

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