'Everybody thought we were sinking': Carnival cruise tilts to one side causing panic on board

Passengers on a Carnival cruise line ship that arrived in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Friday morning are happy to be back on dry land.

During its most recent voyage, the Carnival Sunshine tipped to one side, sending plates and other loose items crashing to the floor.

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In a statement, a Carnival spokesperson said the ship “experienced a technical issue which caused the ship to list for approximately one minute. There was never any issue with the safe operation of the ship and our officers quickly intervened to correct the situation.”

Passengers say the issue was much bigger than the cruise line is letting on.

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“Everybody thought we were sinking. The ship is sideways. What do you think if there’s water pouring in? But it was from the pool,” one passenger said.

Passengers told WESH that Carnival offered them a credit to use on the ship, but several people said that was not enough.

Carnival also apologized for the disruption and said evening events resumed after Sunday night’s incident, and the ship proceeded on its Caribbean cruise as scheduled.

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