E3 2018: New Look At PS4's Spider-Man Game

In 2017, fans were pleased to see their favorite wall-crawler web sling through New York in Spider-Man’s first gameplay trailer. We got some new gameplay at Sony’s E3 2018 conference, and Spidey has never looked better.

The team behind Sunset Overdrive have delivered a game where Spider-Man’s full acrobatic prowess can be on full display. A cinematic trailer starts out with Spider-Man approaching an enormous prison in the water by riding on the side of a helicopter. The cutscene transitions into a combat sequence where he fights escapes prisoners just outside of their cells. Much like the Batman Arkham games, he seamlessly moves from enemy to enemy, but while also acrobatically jumping off walls and through enemies’ legs.

From here, Spidey moves upstairs to go into another room. He spots Rhino and Electro before he platforms his way through the area. He’s then grabbed by Scorpion and thrown, leading to another combat sequence against prisoners. He rapidly swings around the area as the camera moves around in unusual fashion. Spider-Man uses his web to take shields away from some enemies, which he slams into one to knock him out.

The action then moves outside as he rapidly moves through a rainy area. He wallruns and swings around before again encountering the villains. While confined, the area outside the facility looks to be quite large, and Spider-Man is able to swing around the area. He’s warned that many of his key foes have escaped, and later he encounters them all on a helipad, including Mister Negative. A cutscene sees Spider-Man facing off against them all. He’s nearly defeated, only for him to be saved by someone off-screen. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see who it is before the trailer ends, although there is a noise that suggests it might be Miles Morales.

Spider-Man is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 on September 7. If you preorder the game, you’ll get instant access to the Iron Spider outfit that Peter wears in Avengers: Infinity War.

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