Astronomers have discovered a planet where a year only 19.5 days

The space object was seen in “the desert of substernal” and got the name EPIC 211945201b. The planet is located from the Earth at a distance of 600 light years.

Астрономы открыли планету, где в году всего 19,5 дней

Astronomers from India through the telescope “Kepler” discovered a planet where a year only 19.5 days. Experts have proven that this object is a planet “desert substernal”. It turned out that the mass of a space body is 27 times greater than the mass of the Earth. The researchers spent a year to learn the glow of the star around which the EPIC revolves 211945201b. The results of the study showed that the planet was located seven times closer to the star than our planet is to the Sun. The results showed that a complete revolution around a glowing object makes planet in just 19.5 days.

In addition, astronomers assumed that the surface temperature of an object is equal to 600 degrees Celsius. Now scientists will work to understand how EPIC 211945201b planet could form at such a small distance from the star.


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